Accelerate Youth

Helping at-risk youth learn valuable life lessons!

Accelerate Youth is designed for students who do not excel in a traditional school setting and gives them real world experiences and practical life lessons. 

At-risk youth are taught valuable life skills; such as basic cooking skills, financial literacy, budgeting, filing tax returns, and corporate social responsibility. Accelerate Youth runs programs in the Rutland Learning Centre, Central School and the West Kelowna Learning Centre. 

These lessons are designed and taught by our Enactus volunteers, and run at all three locations once a week. We give the students hands on experience and advice to situations they encounter in their daily lives. 

These lessons are designed to meet the needs of the students and put more emphasis on what is important to each student. The smaller class sizes allow the volunteers to give individual attention to the students and develop connections based off trust and reliability.

Students who participate in Accelerate Youth are able to receive high school credits that get them one step closer to finishing school! Accelerate Youth has positively impacted over X students and has encouraged a few students to pursue their dream careers by attending post-secondary education. 

Silver Surfers

Teaching seniors how to use technology to connect with their loved ones!

Silver Surfers is a student run social enterprise which focuses on giving seniors the ability to connect and communicate with loved ones and family using smart technology. 

This program is structured into a four-week curriculum taking place at independent living facilities as well as other community areas. 

Silver Surfers starts with the basics of iPad technology then moves to topics such as: email, apps, web security, and communication channels. Throughout the sessions, a senior is paired with the same student volunteer in order to build a strong connection that helps to maximize learning. 

As of 2019 Silver Surfers is in its 4th year of operation, taking place in 9 retirement homes empowering over 175 seniors. The impact of this project is measured through the relationships and connections that are made; relationships built with the volunteers, as well as, the multitude of connections the seniors make post program. 

“I really enjoyed working with the students, their knowledge and passing on that knowledge to me and to others is just incredible. I can now talk to my grand kids over video, something I never thought I’d be able to accomplish in my life!” - Agnes Shewring, Resident Sandalwood Retirement Resort

Enactus Okanagan College students sharing their knowledge and connecting with seniors!

Enactus Okanagan College students sharing their knowledge and connecting with seniors!

Call Home

Connecting the homeless to friends and family!

Call Home was inspired by one of our existing projects, Silver Surfers. The scope of the project is to provide a means of mobile communication for users of Interior Health’s overdose prevention mobile unit. 

When conducting our needs assessment for Silver Surfers, we discovered that social isolation was also quickly becoming a predominant force in the lives of marginalized demographics, other than seniors. Our team piloted Call Home, in partnership with Interior Health, in the summer of 2017. With clients required to wait in the mobile injection RV for 15 minutes after a session, we figured that this wait-time provided the optimal time to check-in with friends and relatives. 

The iPads that we have securely installed in the mobile RV units are supervised by Interior Health employees, with the data being gathered and analyzed by Enactus Okanagan College students, on a monthly basis. 

With our success to date, we are in talks with the Interior Health team in Kamloops about the possibility of setting up a similar system in their mobile RV. In addition, we have received interest from Kelowna General Hospital to add our technology in areas of their facility. 

Fruit Snaps

Green Screen

Saving landfills while enhancing the lives of the less fortunate!

Green Screen collects neglected technology, from iPads to Mp3 players, which is then refurbished and donated to the less fortunate and/or used to expand other Enactus OC programs. Green Screen reduces the amount of waste that enters our landfills and partners with a tech-recycling company to ensure any unusable technology is properly recycled. 

For our trial program, Green Screen partnered with Kelowna Christian School. Over the course of a six to eight week period, the leadership group, with the direction and mentoring from Enactus Students, have collected neglected technology from the students from the KCS Middle and Elementary campuses. We plan to duplicate this process with other schools, to not only reuse and recycle more technology to donate to others, but also teach more students the importance of environmental sustainability.

During the course of our trial program, Green Screen collected 89 pieces of neglected technology. The technology collected is currently being refurbished and recycled. The refurbished technology will be donated to those in need or to our Enactus Programs such as Silver Surfers. The unusable technology will be properly recycled and the money received from recycling will be invested back into the program. 

KCS Middle School students collecting neglected technology and saving it from our landfills.

KCS Middle School students collecting neglected technology and saving it from our landfills.


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