Silver Surfers

Teaching seniors how to use technology to connect with their loved ones!

Silver Surfers is a student run social enterprise which focuses on giving seniors the ability to connect and communicate with loved ones and family using smart technology. 

This program is structured into a four-week curriculum taking place at independent living facilities as well as other community areas. 

Silver Surfers starts with the basics of iPad technology then moves to topics such as: email, apps, web security, and communication channels. Throughout the sessions, a senior is paired with the same student volunteer in order to build a strong connection that helps to maximize learning. 

As of 2019 Silver Surfers is in its 4th year of operation, taking place in 9 retirement homes empowering over 175 seniors. The impact of this project is measured through the relationships and connections that are made; relationships built with the volunteers, as well as, the multitude of connections the seniors make post program. 

“I really enjoyed working with the students, their knowledge and passing on that knowledge to me and to others is just incredible. I can now talk to my grand kids over video, something I never thought I’d be able to accomplish in my life!” - Agnes Shewring, Resident Sandalwood Retirement Resort


Enactus Okanagan College students sharing their knowledge and connecting with seniors!