Why Join Enactus?

Create Positive Change

Enactus members work to create social enterprises that positively impact our community and the environment. Enactus is a support network to help launch your project ideas. 

Develop New Skills

Enactus members have opportunities to develop leadership, project management, public speaking, and entrepreneurial skills. Setting you apart from your classmates! 

Networking Opportunities

Through Enactus, you will make connections with professors and industry professionals in your community. These connections have led to jobs and opportunities for students beyond their years in Enactus. 

Enhance Your Resume

In Enactus, you can gain project management and leadership experience that will help prepare you for future job applications and shine on your resume. 

Connect With Other Students

Enactus members like to have fun and create lasting connections between team members. Joining Enactus is a great way to connect with other OC students. 

Get Involved!

We welcome all Okanagan College students looking to get involved, there is no restriction on year or program!

Want to give us a call?

The number below will put you in direct contact with our President, Nicole Sapieha. 

Enactus Okanagan College

1000 KLO Road Kelowna, BC v1y 4x8 CA

(250)-899-5573 president@enactusoc.ca

Office Hours

By appointment only! Our office is E406 on the Kelowna Campus.