Move Up

Secure storage units helping people experiencing homelessness make positive changes in their lives

Project Move Up is focused on creating a transitional storage system to provide people experiencing homelessness with temporary access to a secure area to store personal belongings. 

Two teams of engineering students, who have completed detailed designs for the storage systems, are working through critical aspects of the design such as safety features and manufacturing processes. 

The current design resembles a storage system similar to lockers, which will be placed in urban areas that selected members of the homeless community will be able to use for temporary time periods. The units will be secure, minimalist, and include measures to avoid high-risk problems such as the units being used as shelter for sleeping in or being vandalized and moved. Prototypes have been completed and in early 2020 the first units will be produced and installed in Kelowna’s downtown core. Partnerships with local businesses, the municipality, and agencies exist to ensure the project is a success.

The transitional storage model is a tried and true method in other cities and countries. Studies done in Lisbon, Portugal, and San Diego, USA showing those who use similar systems have a higher chance of making more positive changes in their life and finding permanent housing. The goal of Move Up is to achieve similar results in Kelowna while also accounting for the unique factors of the local community.