Teaching elementary school students the fundamentals of saving and budgeting!

CANSave is a Financial Literacy Program designed to teach elementary school students about financial responsibility through experiential learning. CANSave teaches important life lessons such as the advantages of having a savings account, understanding debt, and the value of saving for the future and helping those in need. 

Participants are taught fundamental financial lessons using a simulated economy.  Students complete assignments on a range of financial topics to earn Enactus bucks.  They must learn to budget wisely for both expected and unexpected expenses.  They are also taught about overcoming the temptation to make poor financial decisions and how to make choices that will lead to their financial success!    

The program is designed to coach children on financial literacy early on, teaching them important money management skills.  The lessons are intended  to  provide children with the tools and knowledge needed to become financially responsible in adulthood.

CANSave is a nationally recognized program that has seen over $40,000 donated to local charities since the first class in January 2016.  

In 2020, CANSave will begin offering an adapted program for children with unique learning needs.  The structured curriculum builds on the success of the current program and incorporates visual aids, concrete language, interactive games, and social stories to support diverse learning.  The program educates children on the social skills needed to engage in monetary transactions.  It will provide the opportunity for children, who often retain information best through alternative learning styles, to develop financial life skills and make important financial decisions!

Enactus OC students practicing before competing to win money to further CANSave!

Enactus OC students practicing before competing to win money to further CANSave! 

Want to know more?

If you would like to know more about CANSave or are a teacher looking for access to the lesson plans, check out the CANSave website.