“Dress for Success” Fashion Show

First off, let me just say that the “Dress for Success” Fashion Show was a great success. All of the hard work that the team put in paid off!

The weeks leading up to the event were some of the most stressful I’ve had all year. Endless hours of work went into putting on the show. Models needed to be contacted, stores needed to be sourced, hair and make-up had to be booked on top of so many things you wouldn’t even think of.

There were countless emails sent back and forth, so many it was hard to keep on top of, and plenty of phone conversations were had by all of the members on the team in an effort to get everything done in time.

Fast forwarding to Friday, March 14th – the day of. Woke up at 8:30 (Steph was up by the crack of dawn) and got together with a few members of the team for a quick pep talk and strategy session, after ridiculous amounts of running around. We picked up clothing, sorted programs fresh off the printer, finalized last minute decorations, and then did a few odd, last minute tasks. After loading up the cars, and tracking down numerous extension cords, it was time to head to the college.

Set up was well underway when we arrived – thanks to facilities! The stage was up and the tables and chairs were set all around.  Our volunteers were there to help with decorations, the silent auction table, the bar, and the flowers and lights that lined the runway.

The models started to arrive around 3:00pm. We got them all into hair and make-up right away to make sure we could get all 24 models through on time for the rehearsal. When 4:50pm rolled around, it was time for our run through. As you can imagine, it was slightly less than spectacular. Talk about a gong-show. Girls still weren’t done their makeup, timing of the runway walks were way off. So needless to say, we had a few hiccoughs and we needed to reorganize the roles of some of the volunteer’s last minute – but thankfully, that’s what dress rehearsals are for.

At 7:00pm the show started. Everyone was in their station, I, myself, as the ‘drill sergeant’ at the top of the stairs, Jordan as the ‘start indicator’, Tiffany as the ‘pace keeper’ and Stephanie as general damage control. When the first model started her walk the whole show transformed into a blur. Everything was happening so fast!  Quick changes happened with a flourish and there was excitement in the air.

Damage control away from the change rooms was a rush.  I was able to see all of our hard work pay off (and watch the stress of the change room team from a far). The audience loved the show. As their friends graced the stage in spring’s latest fashions, smiles spread wide across everyone’s face. Kevin Lim – our MC kept the spirit going as he cracked hilarious jokes and puns all night, even making reference to the hunger games. As I ran around doing the odd last minute tasks and damage control the energy in the room was absolutely unreal. Everyone was so happy! Laughter filled the room with an energizing buzz and as I ran into people I knew I was continually reminded of how good of a job we did!  – Stephanie Baziuk

By 8:00pm the show was done. The whole team was running off adrenaline. Breathing a sigh of relief because all of the work and effort had paid off – we did it and the show was a huge success!

I would like to give a shout out to Stephanie Baziuk. Without you on the team, the show wouldn’t have been as wonderful as it was. You put in the most hours and an enormous amount of effort. Congratulations, the show was fabulous and so are you!

Canstruction 2013

The Rotary Club of Kelowna along with the Kelowna community food bank and The Salvation Army are pleased to bring you the fourth annual Canstruction 2013!

Every year Enactus OC , in partnership with Okanagan College civil engineering students, participates in this event and submits a structure. All items used to make the structure are donated to the Kelowna food bank. As part of the Help Hunger Disappear project, Canstruction helps raise food, funds, and awareness for local hunger initiatives. This years theme for the Enactus OC structure is “Keeping Family Close”

It’s three people of different culture coming around a tree to symbolize a family tree and to show that family can be a blend of different cultures just like a community is. Also the reason why we had a slogan keeping family close is because our community is very much an extention of our family. This structure was one of our biggest structures yet coming in at a total of 7,474 items when it was all finished.

Tara Chalmers, Help Hunger Disappear Kelowna Project Manager

The sponsors that helped make the dream of building this sculpture a reality are Campbells, Sun Rype, Alpin & Martin Consultants Ltd, Okanagan College and Spider Agile Technology. This structure took approximately three days to build with Civil Engineer students Carson Todd, Matthew Kielpinski, Mitch Bariesheff, Petrus Stofberg and Trevor Siemens and Enactus members Tara Chalmers, Glen Larkin, Scott Harvey, Axel Funk, and Karen Vandergaag.

There are several award categories for the event, and you can vote either on the Canstruction website or Facebook! Sow your support and vote for us now!

Enactus OC at the AOKickoff Party

Friday Night at the Laurel Packing house in Kelowna, Enactus OC had the pleasure of helping out at the annual Accelerate Okanagan Kickoff party. Over 300 people from the local technology community came out to enjoy music, dancing, and local food and drinks. That’s not all though (the folks at AO know how to throw a well rounded party!), there were also casino games and the “Blue Room” blind networking presented by event sponsor, KPMG. The set up was fabulous, the drinks were flowing, and the food was delish – Enactus OC members mixed and mingled while helping the AO team check in party-goers and sell raffle tickets for the cool prizes. In true tech fashion check in was via QR code scanned by iPads & iPhones, there was a live Twitter feed projected on screen featuring #AOkickoff and a geeky photo booth for Instagram pics provided by Digital Okanagan. This is definitely the party of the year so far, big thanks to Accelerate Okanagan for the wicked time, looking forward to next year!

Enactus Okanagan College is here!

Hello everyone and welcome to the new and improved Enactus Okanagan College website! Formerly known as SIFE Okanagan our group has undergone a major re-brand! Following the direction of SIFE Worldwide (now Enactus Worldwide) we are still committed to our communities, projects, and partners and will continue to work toward improving the quality of life and standard of living across the Okanagan. We’d like to say thank you for all your support and wish you all an excellent 2013 year! We look forward to seeing you!